Articles about Rakeback and Poker

Importance of Rakeback

Do you want to make money playing poker online? Yes. But why do you play poker without rakeback then? Read Importance of Rakeback and find out how rakeback helps you to get more money from poker. This information is beneficial because most players do not understand that poker is business…

4 Reasons to Play Poker with Rakeback

Most poker players do not think about rakeback. They just play. It is normal but if you want to become a good poker player you must have rakeback. Why? Read the article and you will find out why rakeback is so important. This article is similar to previous. But it shows 4 reasons to have rakeback. You will find out why it is important to have rakeback and how rakeback affects your emotional condition.

Rakeback: Withdraw or Reinvest

This article was written for players who have stable income from playing poker. When a player has rather good results sooner or later he will have to answer the question: what to do when rakeback is received? It is rather important question because rakeback is your extra money. You can withdraw it or reinvest it. Both variants have pluses and minuses. Read the article and decide what to do.

How to Increase Income from Rakeback

Poker players should think about increasing income. Income is the most important part of playing poker. You can increase your poker income by increasing income from rakeback. It is not easy but it is one of the best ways to get more money. There are several ways to increase rakeback income. Read the article and find out how to get more money from rakeback.

Why Do Poker Rooms Pay Rakeback?

All Pro players have rakeback. Rakeback is a “must have” service for every serious player. All Pros pay a lot of attention to rakeback. If you play and want to become a pro you also must pay a lot of attention to rake back. But why poker rooms pay and allow rakeback? What is the reason for poker room to give rakeback? Let’s find out!

100% Rakeback - is it possible?

100% Rakeback is a dream of every poker player. It is pleasant to play poker and receive all your rake back to your account. But it is unreal. You will not find 100% rakeback deal. Read the article and you will understand why.

5 Reasons to Play Poker at High Pulse

High Pulse Poker is going to bring revolution to the world of online poker. It is a very interesting business idea to create a poker room with build in affiliate and rakeback system. High Pulse Poker is worth playing and there are 5 reasons to create a new account at HPP. Read the article and you will find out why the room is attractive.

Poker without Investing Money

You want to start your poker career but you do not know how? You do not want to invest your money in poker? This article is for you. Find out how to build a free bankroll and to get initial poker knowledge. Note that it will take time and efforts but it is the best variant if you do not want to spend your own money.

How To Win a Freeroll at HPP

To win a freeroll at High Pulse is not so difficult. But to win money and reach prizes is easier. Find out how to maximize your chances to win a freeroll. Remember that this strategy is initial, and you must change during the game it to achieve good results. Every game is unique and every hand is unique too.

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