Rakeback: Withdraw or Reinvest

Every poker player who plays poker and receives rakeback thinks about what to do when rakeback is received. Withdraw rakeback or reinvest it? It is a serious question and we will try to find out what to do with rakeback.


1 The first reason to withdraw rakeback is that it can be extra source of income for a player. You can withdraw rakeback and spend it for living. At High Pulse Rakeback you will have instant access to your money after rakeback is paid. You will be able to withdrew money quickly and spend it as you like.

2 If you withdraw rakeback you can see your real progress in poker. You can find out that your poker skill is not good enough and you win money because you have rakeback. Withdrawing rakeback can show you that you need to learn.

If you do not withdraw rakeback you may reach next level of limits too fast. For example you play NL Holdem $1/$2 and your bankroll is growing because of rakeback. Now you have enough money to go to the next limit. Should you do it? Definitely no. You may have not enough knowledge and skills. It can be dangerous for your bankroll and you can lose your money.

3 To withdraw rakeback can be helpful for reducing stress and emotional pressure. It is easier to play poker if you know that you have extra funds at your bank account. If you lose all your money you will have funds to start playing again or to leave poker taking money with you.


1 Reinvesting rakeback can help you to move up quicker. If you know that you have enough knowledge but not enough money reinvesting of rakeback will be one of the most important factors in building your bankroll.

2 Reinvesting can give you flexibility. You can try other games or tournaments. If you play only Holdem you can try to play PLO without risking to lose money from your main bankroll. Maybe you have a dream to take part in a big tournament? Reinvest poker rakeback and pay buy-in to participate. Doing this you will have to take higher risks. But on the other hand you can win large sum of money or find new opportunities for yourself. It is worth risking.

What shall I do?

You have read the entire article and now you know both points of view. Try to think and decide which variant is the best for you. It is not difficult. Just try to think honest. Do you want to have your money saved? Or do you want to take extra risks in order to receive extra revenue? We can’t answer these questions. Only you can. Every situation is unique. Just remembers that rakeback will be yours anyway.

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