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Bonus is a kind of rakeback when you get bonus amount after you have meet special requirements. In most poker rooms you have to earn definite amount of vip points to clear the bonus. The expression “clear the bonus” means to meat bonus requirements and to receive whole bonus ammount.

Usually bonuses are divided into several equal parts. Foe example if you have €100 bonus you will get €10 every time you earn 50 vip points. That is to clear the whole bonus you will have to earn 500 points.

Professional players understand that rakeback is much better than bonuses. And you will find out why:

As it was said earlier poker bonus is a kind of rakeback. When you clear the bonus you receive your rake as bonus amount. In different poker rooms 100% first deposit bonus is equal to 30% or 50% rakeback. It is good. But in most poker rooms you can receive a bonus only once for every deposit made. That is to get maximum valueback and rakeback you will have to make another deposit after your bonus is cleared. It is not comfortable for players.

Bonus is paid once for every deposit made. It is not a very good offer. Rakeback is much better because rakeback returns a part of your rake during your whole poker career. You do not need to make extra deposits or something else. Just play poker and receive your rewards.

Bonus amounts are usually limited. Most poker rooms offer 100% up to €500 or up to €800. High Pulse Poker rakeback amount is unlimited. You can receive €900, €1200 or more. Your rakeback depends on the rake you have paid. You will receive up to 50% rakeback at High Pulse Poker. Does not matter how much rake you have paid, you will receive up to 50% rakeback anyway.

Bonus usually has clearing period. You must clear your bonus during this period or it will disappear. Most poker rooms give about 3 month to clear bonus. But sometimes it is not enough. Everything can happen in your life and if you will not be able to clear your bonus during this period it will disappear. Rakeback is much better. It is a service that is added to your poker account forever. You can give up playing poker and return in a year. You will be eligible for rakeback anyway.

Rakeback at High Pulse is much better than poker bonuses. That’s why High Pulse Poker decided to use rakeback system instead of bonuses. Rakeback is more valuable for players in long term period. Bonuses do not give a lot of value.

Register at High Pulse Poker using our bonus code RAKE and you will get best rakeback! Do not think about bonuses.

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Play poker at High Pulse and receive up to 50% rakeback!

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