ClubWPT Membership

ClubWPT has 2 different membership plans. This article will tell you about the main differences between the plans and about how to change the subscription. You will find out everything you need to know.

Basic Membership

Every new member of ClubWPT receives the lowest plan by default. This plan is called “Basic” and it doesn’t give enough privileges. To be honest, this plan is almost useless. It only gives the possibility to enter the website backend and load poker client. You can play “play chips” only which means that you can’t win real money.

Basic plan is good if you want to see the poker room from inside. You will be able to navigate throughout the lobby, load different games and tables. You will be able to observe how other guys play poker.

You will also be able to use “play money” and participate in poker games. This gives opportunity to see how the poker table looks like and how the software works. You can also win some chips but they are useless. You will not be able to exchange them for real money and to make cash out.

The Basic plan is the default and you can stay basic member for as long as you wish. There are no charges and this plan is absolutely free.

Reasons to stay Basic

  • You can stay Basic if you don’t need full access to all ClubWPT offers.
  • You can stay Basic if you don’t want participate in tournament where valuable prizes can be won.

As you see this first level of membership is for beginners who don’t want to win something valuable. If your goal is to get the money this plan is not for you. You will have to upgrade to VIP.

VIP Membership

VIP Membership Plan gives a lot of different privileges. You can read more about Membership Plans at ClubWPT here: This plan is the best if you want to participate in serious games and have access to all content of the website. VIP player has all privileges of Basic plan plus many more opportunities including:

  • Access to great tourneys where real money can be won. ClubWPT has $100 000 for cash prizes every month and you can win a part of this sum.
  • Unlimited access to WPT Poker magazine. You can read latest information about what’s happening in poker world.
  • Access to WPT Club Savers Guide where you can find great discounts on different products and services in the USA.
  • + Many other offers.

As you see this plan is for serious players. Of course the most important privilege is to play tournaments where real money can be won. That’s the goal of every poker player – to win money. And you can’t achieve this goal without upgrading to VIP.


If you are almost ready to go VIP wait – we have one important offer for you. Don’t rush; you can test VIP membership with our special promotion: 2 weeks of FREE VIP access. All you need to enter this promotion is to use special bonus code during registration: “VIPTRIAL” (without quotes). After you sign up with this code you will automatically receive the opportunity to claim Free Trial offer.

This offer is free and nothing is required in return. You will be able to see all benefits of VIP membership without paying a cent!!! That’s amazing. You will even be able to cash out all your winnings after the trial ends.

You can claim free trial offer any time after the registration. Nobody forces you to use this opportunity right after registration.

Here are our recommendations:

Start with Basic plan and spend several hours playing “play chips”. This will allow you to understand how the room works. After this, use 2 weeks of free trial. This will allow you to test the room from inside, to see how VIP membership works and to determine if you want to continue as VIP. After the trial ends, you will have a choice to continue as VIP or return to Basic plan. All your winnings during the trial are yours.

As you see ClubWPT is players friendly poker room. The room doesn’t force you to spend your money right after creating account. You have chance to see the room from inside and to test it with Trial offer. VIP membership gives a lot of different opportunities and if you are going to become serious player don’t stay Basic too long!

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