Depositing Freerolls at High Pulse Poker

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Depositing freeroll is a special promotion for those players who want to benefit from making deposit at High Pulse Poker. Prize pools of Depositing Freerolls vary from €250 up to €2500. Note, sometimes this promotion is not active. Make sure that Depositing Freeroll is available in the lobby of the poker room.

Terms and conditions: when you make a deposit you receive a ticket (or tickets, depending on current conditions) to participate in special Depositing Freeroll. If you use the ticket you will have to accumulate a corresponding amount of Step Points before withdrawing money. The amount of step points varies depending on the current conditions and can be found in the tourney description.

For example €750 Depositing Freeroll has following description:

Make a minimum deposit of €20 and be eligible for our Depositing freeroll. If you participate you have to accumulate 20 step points in level 1 to withdraw.

That means if you participate in €750 Depositing Freeroll you will have to play poker, Omaha or bet poker and earn 20 points before withdrawing. You will not be able to make cash out until 20 points are accumulated. As soon as you get 20 points cash out option will be available. That means you must think before participating in this promotion. If you know that it will not be a problem to accumulate 20 points you can participate. If you think it will be difficult or impossible for you – do not take part. This promotion is for active poker players.

Here is FAQ about Depositing Freerolls. Hope this information will help you:

Q: What freerolls are available for depositors?
A: All freerolls are easy to find. Here is a list of all freerolls that can be found at High Pulse Poker:

€250 Depositing Freeroll
€500 Depositing Freeroll
€750 Depositing Freeroll
€1000 Depositing Freeroll
€2500 Depositing Freeroll

Note: prize pools of the tournaments depend on current promotion for depositors. Not all of these freerolls are available now. Check tournament tab at High Pulse Poker for more information about active tournaments for depositors.

Q: Can I make a deposit without participating in Depositing Freerolls?
A: Yes, you can. Just do not use your ticket and make sure you are unregistered from the Depositing Freeroll. Only players who participate in Depositing Freerolls will have to earn points to clear the ticket.

Q: Do I need to clear the ticket if I was unsuccessful in Depositing Freeroll and didn’t win money?
A: Yes. It does not matter, how much money you won in your Depositing Freeroll. All participants will have to clear the ticket.

Q: What if I do not want to clear the ticket?
A: It is your will. Your cash out option will be blocked until the points are earned.

Q: Are there any time restrictions for clearing?
A: No, there are no time restrictions. It does not matter if it will take you a month or a week to accumulate the corresponding points’ amount. You can play poker as usually and do not worry about it. But the quicker you earn required amount of points the better.

Q: Can my affiliates help me during clearing process?
A: No, only points from the Level 1 will be taken into account. Your affiliates’ step points from other levels will not help you to clear the ticket. That means you will have to play cash games and earn points yourself.

Q: What if I participate in two or three Depositing Freerolls? How many points will I have to accumulate?
A: Required points will be summed up. Every used Depositing Freeroll ticket must be cleared.

Q: Where can I find information about my clearing process?
A: High Pulse Poker does not have such service now. You can count your points yourself to know your progress. It is not difficult. If you wish to know the exact data you can send request to High Pulse Poker support.

NOTE: Terms and conditions for Depositing Freerolls can be changed. It is better to find out exact conditions before participating. Contact to High Pulse Poker support if you have any questions.

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