High Pulse Rakeback FAQ

This FAQ contains most important questions and answers about rakeback at High Pulse Poker. Read this FAQ before asking a question to our support.

Common information

Q: What is High Pulse Poker Rakeback?
A: It is a great opportunity to return up to 50% of your rake to your High Pulse Poker account.

Q: What is new in rakeback system at High Pulse?
A: Rakeback at High Pulse Poker is a part of a great Reward System that combines rakeback, bonuses and affiliate income. This reward system is unique and can not be found anywhere except HPP. Read more at "VIP Rewards" page.

Q: How to create a rakeback account at High Pulse Poker?
A: We have a special Registration Guide. This Guide will help you to create rakeback account at HPP.

Q: How long does it take for a new rake back account to be approved?
A: Accounts, created according to Registration Guide are approved instantly. Use Registration Guide, make a deposit and play poker. You will receive your rakeback.

Q: How is rake calculated?
The method used to calculate rake/rakeback is WTA – Winner Takes All. The winner pays the entire rake.
High Pulse Poker takes 5 % of the Pot(s) if there is a flop and Pot is >= € 0.2.
Round floor € 0.01 intervals
Maximum rake:
2 players: 1*BB OR €0.5 whatever is lowest
3-5 players: 5*BB OR €1.5 whatever is lowest
6-9 players: 10*BB OR €3 whatever is lowest
If there are Side Pots the amount shall be taken proportionally from all Pots

Rakeback Reports and Payments

Q: Where to find rakeback reports?
A: All information about your rakeback is available at your High Pulse Poker account. Visit “Account & Settings” and you will see your rakeback amount.

Q: How often is the rakeback statistics updated?
A: Statistics is updated every 30 minutes without delays.

Q: How are the reports generated?
A: Reports are generated by the poker room according to their data. All reports are generated automatically by special software.

Q: How and when will the High Pulse rake back payment be made?
A: Rakeback and affiliate payments are made in the end of every week (for current week play!) You will get your rakeback every Sunday at 12:00 CET directly to your poker account. Rakeback is paid in the end of calculation period. You will not have to wait next week to get rakeback for this week play. You will get all payments in time!

Q: Are there any deductions or fees?
A: No. There are no deductions or fees. Your rake will never be negative.

Affiliate Program

Q: Where can I get more information about Affiliate Program?
A: Read our "Refer a Friend" page. It contains all information about affiliate program and affiliate rewards.

Other Rakeback Questions

Q: I have other questions I would like to ask...
A: Please contact us using our e-mail: support@highpulserakeback.com

Play poker at High Pulse and receive up to 50% rakeback!

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