Refer a Friend

This page will help you to understand High Pulse Rakeback unique Refer a Friend program. Information at this page will be beneficial for those players and affiliates who want to get benefits and money by referring new players to HPP.

What is High Pulse Rakeback Refer a Friend Program?

High Pulse Rakeback Refer a Friend Program is a special reward program for players and affiliates who want to get money by inviting other people to play at High Pulse Poker. It has all the positive effects known from multilevel marketing; but without the sleazy exploitation of the sub-affiliates since it is totally free to enter. In other words you will be heavily rewarded if you either play a lot or are active in signing up players under yourself. If you do both; there can be serious money to be made from this affiliate structure! Our affiliate program is the equivalent of a never ending and continuous integrated rake back and bonus arrangement where all players at all times have the same terms and conditions!

How to join?

Create a new account at High Pulse Poker according to our Registration Guide and start inviting your friends. You will not have to wait for approval. Create new account and start your business now.

How to invite players?

It is a very important question. First of all you must create your personal Affiliate code. Every player can have 1 referral code. You can see your referral code in “Account & Settings” – “Affiliates”. You can use this code for inviting your friends to High Pulse Poker. But we recommend you to change the default affiliate code (it was generated automatically and it does not look attractive). We advice you to change the default affiliate code. Enter a new affiliate code and click “Submit” You can change the code as many times as you want, but we advice you to choose one code and work with this code only.

High Pulse Poker Affiliate Code

Now you have your personal Affiliate code and you can start inviting people to HPP. High Pulse Poker has a very good tracking system. You can start referring players in three ways:

  • By making your affiliate create an account and enter your personal Referral Code in the 'referral box'.
  • By posting your special Affiliate Link
  • Displaying the official High Pulse Banners at your website.

Note: Referral Code is “stronger” than Affiliate Link. If your friend uses your Affiliate Link to download HPP and uses Referral Code of other affiliate during registration he will not join you. Make sure your affiliates know your code and know where to enter it during registration. If you want to get 100% result use Affiliate Link + Affiliate Code mechanism. Ask your friends to use your Link to download High Pulse Poker and to use your Code during registration.

Webmaster Tools

If you are a webmaster or a Web site owner you can use special Marketing banners at your website. Visit “Account & Settings” – “Affiliates” and click “My Internet Banners”. You can copy the HTML code of the banners and paste it to your site. The room offers very attractive and colorful animated banners.

Do not forget to change banners at your website and all existing HTML affiliate links after you have changed your affiliate code (HTML code of each banner contains your Affiliate Code to track those who click on these banners).

How my affiliate rewards are calculated?

Now you know how to invite players in proper way and how to use Code, Links and Banners. The final step is to understand the mechanism of your rewards. Read High Pulse Poker Reward System to get this information.

Play poker at High Pulse and receive up to 50% rakeback!

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