High Pulse Poker Private Freerolls

Private Freeroll Series

HighPulseRakeback.com starts private freeroll series. All members of High Pulse Rakeback can participate. If you are not member and do not have an account at HPP use our registration guide and create a new account.

Next Private Freeroll:

Date and Time: 22nd of January 18:00 CET
Name: Club Freeroll
Buy-in € 0 (Freeroll, password required)
Prize pool Total - €20
  • 1 place - € 6
  • 2 place - € 4
  • 3 place - € 3
  • 4 place - € 2
  • 5-9 place - € 1
Password Read about the password in a text below

How to get Private Freeroll #1 password?
If you are already a member of HighPulseRakeback.com and want to participate please send an e-mail with your Nickname to support@highpulserakeback.com. We will verify your Nickname and e-mail and you will receive the password. Note: Password will be sent 30 minutes before the tournament starts (on the 15th of January at 19:30 CET)

You can discuss this freeroll and and ask questions in our forum topic: Private Freeroll #1 - 15th of January 2012

Private Freerolls

High Pulse Rakeback offers special freerolls for members. Everybody can create a new account at HPP using our Registration Guide and take part in our Private Freerolls.

Private freeroll is a freeroll which is not available for all High Pulse Poker players. To take part in a private freeroll you must have a password or a ticket. High Pulse usually uses password system. If you know password you can participate.

To find Private freerolls at HPP is easy. They are usually shown in main lobby. Or you can switch to “Private” in a filter. You will see all private freerolls. They are usually named as:

  • Private freeroll #1
  • Private freeroll #2
  • Private freeroll #3
  • Private freeroll #4
  • …etc…

Private freerolls are much more attractive than ordinary freerolls. They have large prize pools and few participants. For example a small private freeroll at HPP can have 20 participants and 50 euro in prize pool. Large freerolls are much better. For example 500 euro prize pool and 80 – 150 players. This is a very good offer. Private freeroll is a free opportunity to raise your poker bankroll. You can increase your bankroll taking part in our private freerolls. You can even start your poker career from freerolls without depositing your money. Win a couple of such freerolls and you will have enough money for real poker.

How find password and to participate in private tournaments? To find private freeroll password is rather difficult. It is almost impossible. Players who take part in such freerolls will not share the password with anybody. The fewer competitors they have – the better. The easiest way to get password is to join HighPulseRakeback.com We usually organize private freerolls for our members. You will be able to receive passwords for free!

You can join HighPulseRakeback.com right now. It is easy and quick. Everybody is welcome!

High Pulse Poker Private Freeroll was reviewed by HighPulseRakeback.com and earned a 10/10 rating.

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