ClubWPT Bonus Code

In this article we would like to tell you some information about proper Bonus Code for ClubWPT. We will tell you what the code is used for, why you need it and a lot of other useful information about WPT Poker Club.

First of all let me tell you about what the bonus code is. Well, in most poker rooms you need it for receiving special deposit bonus. It allows to get extra money while you make a deposit. It’s a very good deal because it allows you to receive more funds without doing anything. You just enter code, send funds and receive extra money. For example most of the poker rooms offer 50 - 100% deposit bonus. It’s a traditional practice for such rooms like Poker Stars, Full Tilt, Party and so on.

But what about ClubWPT? Dows this room also offers such promotion? Well, as you know there is no deposit system there because this poker room is subscription based. You can’t make a deposit and that’s why you don’t need any Bonus Code. In order to be a member of WPT Club you have to pay monthly subscription and it is fixed. That’s how the Club works. You don’t deposit funds, you pay fixed amount of money and have access to all tournaments where real money prizes can be won. This system is rather difficult to understand because it is unusual. There is no other poker room with operates in such interesting way.

You pay fixed amount of money on a monthly basis. This money is called subscription fee. You receive special tournament points that can be spent for entering tourneys with cool prizes. If you are out of the points you will get more for free but the next day.

As you see the system is rather interesting. There are no traditional cash games and deposits. This allows ClubWPT to be 100% legal in USA. There are no deposit bonuses and bonus codes. It may seem that such system is strange and is not serious. But that’s wrong. ClubWPT exists for many years and this is the best proof of its usefulness. You can see several advantages of being a Club member below.

First of all, you don’t put your own money at risk. You just pay fixed amount of money every month and you are free to play poker games any time you wish. It’s a very good advantage for new players. If you are not familiar with the game of poker and have no experience playing poker, ClubWPT is what you need. It will save you a lot of money and you will be much more satisfies with your results.

When I played at Poker Stars I always used benefits of proper bonus code. This gave me a chance to get more money. I don’t see any reason not to use it. For a poker room it’s a special promotion which increases number of sign-ups and for a player it’s a great chance to get extra money.

There is one problem which occurs when you use bonus code in traditional deposit based poker room. When the room gives you cash bonus you have to “clear” it. That means you need to play poker games and earn special points. You can’t make cash out until you clear the bonus fully. As you see there are some restrictions. After the bonus is cleared you can make cash outs as usually.

As you see the Club differs a lot from traditional poker rooms. These differences are all about money in general. You can’t deposit your funds there and that’s why you don’t need any Bonus Code in order to play. You may leave “Bonus Code” field blank when you create a new account. You will not miss anything.

You may think that it’s a strange policy. ClubWPT doesn’t offer any extra bonuses for new members. But that’s wrong. There is one bonus any player can get and this bonus is great. You can receive 2 weeks of FREE VIP access to all services if ClubWPT!

After you create an account you receive “Basic” status. This status is the lowest possible and doesn’t allow to win something valuable. You need to upgrade to VIP in order to be able to win real money. Free Trial promotion gives you 2 weeks of VIP access for free! All you need is to create a new account and claim this offer.

Free Trial promotion can be much better that any other bonus because all money you win during this promotion can be withdrawn. If you win $1000 you can easily withdraw the funds to your bank account. It’s better than to get some extra cash as a deposit bonus and “clear” it later.

As you see ClubWPT doesn’t offer traditional bonuses and in general bonus code is not required. But every player can benefit from 2 weeks FREE trial promotion instead. This promotion is an equivalent of deposit bonus and on our opinion can be much better. Don’t wait, register and claim your Free Trial now!

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