High Pulse Poker Rake Race

Rake Race is a special promotion for High Pulse Rakeback members. It is a competition between players to generate more rake than other participants.

How to participate?

Our Rake Race is a private promotion for those players who have created their accounts at High Pulse Poker using our code “RAKE”. If you do not have an account use this guide to create one. Note: we do not accept players with multiple accounts. To participate in our rake race you must have one active account created with our referral code “RAKE”

Rake race leader board

This leader board shows how you are progressing compared to your rake race opponents.

(Leader board will be available after the promotion starts)


When you play cash poker or tournaments at High Pulse Poker you pay rake. Our race is based on the amount of rake each player pays during the race period. The more rake you generate the higher place you can get.

A player who has the highest amount of rake in the end of the race period gets the first place.

Rake Race period: (Will be visible after the promotion starts)


Play at limits that you can afford. Rake race is a promotion and you should not play at the limits you can not beat. You should continue playing at your favorite limits where you win money. If you play NL10 continue playing there. It is better to open extra tables than to go to higher limits. It is the most important tip.

When you participate in rake race you should be tough and patient. It is better to play 1 hour every day than 7 hours once. We advice to play every day because it will be easier for you to control your game. You will be able to escape tilt and will have good emotional balance.

Multitabling increases your rake and your place in the leader board. But do not open too many tables. You should find a balance between the quantity and quality of your game. Try to play as many tables as you can play with paying enough attention to each table.

Play poker at High Pulse and receive up to 50% rakeback!

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