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Rakeback is a very important part of your poker strategy. It is obvious that the higher rakeback you receive the better. High rakeback means that your income from playing poker will be larger. Average poker player can get extra €100 - €200 from rakeback every month.

Normal rakeback deals vary from 25 to 30 percent from your net rake. Poker is business and players pay rake from every pot. Poker room gives back a definite part of your rake. That means you receive 30% of the poer room’s income generated by you. It is like a bonus you receive for active playing. It is very important to understand that rake is a source of income for a poker room. Now let’s think and calculate what does 100% rakeback mean? How and where to get 100% rakeback deal?

100% rakeback means that a poker room gives all the income back to you. Is it good for a player? Definitely yes. But is it possible? No. Poker room can not pay you 100% direct rakeback because poker room needs money to organize different promotions for players and pay wages to the staff. It is business and poker room has a lot of expenses. There is no company in the world that can run business without income. Poker rooms are not exception. That’s why 100% direct rakeback is impossible. If you see a website offering 100% direct rakeback you should be careful.

Now you know that 100% regular direct rakeback is impossible. But you can really get very high rakeback (100% or higher) participating in private promotions. Let me explain. Imagine that you are a member of our website. You play poker and you have 50% rakeback deal at High Pulse Poker. After one week of playing poker you see that your rakeback is 10 euro. And you also see that you have a chance to participate in our private freeroll with 50 euro prize pool. If you win the first place in our private freeroll you will get extra 10 euro. That is you will get 50% personal rakeback (10 euro) and prize for the 1st place in a private freeroll (10 euro). Your net income will be 20 euro = 100% rakeback.

You can ask: “Why do you think that my winnings in private freerolls can be considered as rakeback?” The answer is: because these freerolls are private and registration is restricted. We organize private freerolls only for our active members. All other players who are not members of our website can not participate in our private freerolls. It is extra opportunity for members only. That’s why all winnings in private freerolls can be considered as extra rakeback.

That is private promotions can give you extra rakeback. Such rakeback is not constant. You will not have 100% rakeback every week. Everything depends on your skill and luck. Anyway extra rakeback is pleasant and it will help you on your way to high stakes poker. It is a “must have” extra source of money for every player. You can get it for free by creating an account at High Pulse Poker using our Registration Guide. Use the link below and take your extra rakeback!

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