How To Win a Freeroll at HPP

High Pulse Poker Rakeback offers many freerolls for player. To win a freeroll you must have a strategy. We decided to give some advices for new players. After reading this article you will understand the initial freeroll strategy.

Any freeroll consists of 2 main parts. The first part is before you reach the prizes. The second part is after you reach prizes. The strategies for these parts are different.

During the first part you must build a good stack. It is the only opportunity to win something. That means you must take risk. Any Ace will be good for pushing All-in. Many players at High Pulse Poker are newbie. They will call your push with JQ or something like that. Of course your A2 is not the best hand. You will have 55,8% to win vs. JQ. But you must understand that you play in a freeroll and you have no time to wait AK or QQ. Freerolls at High Pulse Poker are dynamic. The biggest stack usually shows that the owner of this stack takes a lot of risks (and that he is lucky). You must understand that to win money in a freeroll at HPP you need to take risk.

The best situation for push is when you are in a late position and one player raises. If there are no callers you can push A2. But never call someone’s push with weak hand. You must be aggressor. If you want to call someone’s push you must have AQ or higher.

There is one poker rule I like: You must have a stronger hand for making a call than for raising. When you raise your opponents think about the strength of their hands. You are aggressor.

The second part of a freeroll starts when you reach prizes. This part is more difficult because you will face with skilled players who could reach this stage. But do not worry. Now your aggression depends on the amount of your stack. If you have a small stack – trust your luck and push any Ace. Sometimes you will be able to collect a very huge stack after some successful pushes. If you could build a good stack try to play careful and avoid big deals against other big stacks. Such big deals are possible if you have QQ or higher.

This freeroll strategy is approximate and of course any situation is unique. The main idea of a winning freeroll strategy is to take possible risks. If you play too careful you will be able to win only very small prizes. Try to find your own balance of comfortable risks...

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