Why Do Poker Rooms Pay Rakeback?

Rakeback is very beneficial for all poker players. If you are dreaming about great poker career you must play poker only with rakeback. It will help you to move on quicker. When we receive rakeback we usually do not think why poker rooms pay rakeback. But this question is rather interesting.

Poker is business where many poker rooms fight against each other to get new players. This business is very competitive. Rake is the main source of income for all poker rooms. Every time you play cash games or tournaments you generate rake. Rooms take rake to survive and the rake is taken from every pot. But why poker rooms allow “rakeback” service then? Why poker rooms share their income with players?

First of all you must understand that there are two types of rakeback: direct and indirect. These types of rakeback have the same sense: you get money or other benefits from a poker room. Direct rakeback is a direct payment to your poker account. For example 30% rakeback means that you will receive 30% of the rake you have paid. High Pulse Poker offers up to 50% of direct rakeback. Indirect rakeback is not a direct payment. Freerolls, tournaments with increased prize pools and VIP system are examples of indirect rakeback.

There are several reasons for a poker room to offer rakeback. The first reason is that every poker room lives and gets profits because new players deposit their money and play. Rakeback is a method of marketing in poker world. It helps poker room to attract players. Many players do not like bonuses. They prefer to receive direct rakeback instead.

Maybe you know that almost every poker room offers rakeback or bonuses and VIP rewards for players. You cannot get rakeback with bonuses and VIP rewards because poker rooms will not be able to give you all their income. In most poker rooms bonus amounts are usually deducted from rakeback. Poker is business and the main aim of a poker room is to provide quality service and earn money. Poker rooms are not charity organizations.

Just imagine: poker room receives your rake and gives you 30 - 50% rakeback. But poker room needs money to organize freerolls, tournaments with guaranteed prizes and other promotions. That is why you cannot receive direct rakeback and use benefits of indirect rakeback simultaneously. Such system will take all income of the room.

Now you know that rakeback is a promotion for players. Poker rooms pay rakeback to attract those players who do not like bonuses or other VIP rewards. Actually it does not matter why poker rooms pay rakeback. The important thing is that it is beneficial for players.

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