Importance of Rakeback

Poker attracts many people but they usually play poker for fun. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. It is normal for newbie. But if you want more… If you want to become good poker player or even professional you must treat poker as a business.

Poker is your business and the most important thing in business is income. Every businessman tries to maximize income. And you must do the same. If you want to make poker your business you must think about maximization of your income in long term period. You must use every opportunity that helps you to increase your income.

Rakeback is the most important factor of long term profits in poker. Most of the poker players do not know about rakeback and do not use its’ benefits. But rakeback is very helpful. The main idea of rakeback is to return a definite percent of rake a player had paid to a poker room. That is if you have 50% rakeback deal (High Pulse Rakeback offers such deal) you will be able to receive a half of your rake to your poker account.

To understand the scheme you must know the term “Rake”. Rake is a special payment to a poker room. Every poker player pays rake. Rake is similar to your payments to your internet provider. You pay to get access to the internet. In poker you pay rake to get access to poker games. Rake is usually taken from every pot. Rakeback returns a definite part of your rake.

Let’s compare two poker players: player A and player B. Player A does not have rakeback. Player B has a 50% rakeback deal from Both players have €1000 at their poker accounts. After a week of active poker each wins 250 euro (net win) and pay 80 euro as rake.

Now let’s compare results:

  • Player A has 1000 + 250 = €1250. Good result.
  • Player B has 1000 + 250 + (50% rakeback = 80 * 0.5 = 40) = €1290

And now use mathematics and calculate annual profits from rakeback. 40 weekly * 4 * 12 = 1920 euro. Player with rakeback will get extra €1920 just because he has our rakeback deal.

Of course the scheme is simple but it shows that player with rakeback can get much more money from playing poker. If you have serious poker plans you must use rakeback. It is a free source of extra income!

High Pulse Rakeback offers you to get up to 50% Rakeback at High Pulse Poker. Moreover, you will be able to take part in our private promotions. Start your poker career at High Pulse.

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