How to Increase Income from Rakeback

Rakeback is a very beneficial service for a poker player. It helps to get more money from playing poker online. Rakeback increase your poker income.

How to increase income from rakeback? This question is not very difficult. You need to increase rake amount to get more rakeback. It is obvious. The more rake you have paid the more rakeback you will get. Imagine that you have 30% rakeback deal. You will get €30 from every €100 of rake. That is if you have paid €500 as rake you will get €150 rakeback. Easy mathematics. That means you need to increase rake amount to receive more rakeback. There are 2 ways to increase rake:

1 The first way is to play more hands. You will have to learn how to play multiple tables during your poker session. If you play more tables, you can get more hands per hour. The more hands you get the more rake you pay. And that means your rakeback will also increase.

Multiple table play or multi-tabling is one of the best ways to increase rakeback income. But it is rather difficult to master multi-tabling. If you play at only one table you will not be able to play at 6 tables simultaneously. Moreover, do not try to play many tables if you do not play good poker. Multi-tabling can increase your profits but it can decrease your income if you can not play poker.

You can start multi-tabling as soon as you have become a successful player using just one table. The easiest way to start Multiple table play is to add 1 table every 4 or 5 days. If you feel that extra table will be beneficial you can add it. Remember that every man has its maximum limit of tables. We can not tell you how many tables you can play. You should test your skill yourself. Some people like 4 tables, some like 10. It depends on many personal factors.

We advice you do not pay more than 6 tables at the same time. 21 inch LCD Monitor will show 6 tables rather comfortable for you.

2 The second way to increase rakeback income is to play at higher limits. You must use this way if you know that you are ready. You can go to the next limit only if you beat your current. But do not try to go to higher limits if you do not earn money at your current limit. Your bankroll will suffer from this movement.

Which way to chose? We recommend to use both. Your poker strategy can be flexible. You can play multiple tables at your current limit. When you feel that it’s time to move on you can go to the next limit and start from one table. Then you can start to add tables again. And so on. Such strategy will maximize your income from rakeback and will help you to have good progress in poker.

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