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January news


Highpulserakeback.com will start Private freeroll series next week. All members of High Pulse Rakeback will be able to participate. If you are not member and do not have an account at HPP use our registration guide and create a new account. If you are a member you will receive e-mail with notification. All private freerolls can be found here: Private Freerolls

Other news and changes:

High Pulse Poker made several changes in the tournaments in the beginning of 2012. Prize pools of all freerolls were decreased. Now most of regular freerolls have 1 euro in prize pool and running every hour. 5 euro freeroll is held every day in the evening. It seems High Pulse Poker decided to change freeroll policy and we will not see large freerolls in the near future. It can result in decreasing of cash poker players because freerolls were like a “gasoline” for many players. Freerolls gave free money and now the source of free money is almost closed.

Regular tournaments’ policy was also changed. Many overlay tournaments disappeared. Overlay tourneys were very attractive for poker players but High Pulse Poker decided to stop holding the tournaments. Only 5000 GTD Sunday boost is left and is available for all players.

High Pulse Poker started to hold regular multi table tournaments without overlay. Such tourneys are running every hour. Buy-ins vary from €0.22 up to €5.5. If you like multi table tournaments you should participate. You can find all tournaments in the tourney tab. As you can see High Pulse Poker is changing their policy focusing on regular tournaments and cash games. We hope that these changes will bring active cash and tournament players.

Now let us tell you about new game at High Pulse Poker – Bet Poker. It is available to all now! What is BetPoker? Bet Poker combines Holdem poker and Betting in one unusual game. You will not find Bet Poker in other poker rooms. If you like poker and betting this game is for you. Bet Poker rules are easy to learn. If you play Texas Holdem you will understand Bet Poker without difficulties. The idea of bet poker is to let players bet on poker probabilities and win money. Rakeback for Bet Poker is also available. Your affiliates who play Bet Poker will receive their rakeback and you will receive your income.

Some information about The PRO Contract: the tournament will start in 1 week (on the 15th of January) and we recommend to hurry up if you want to take part. PRO Contract at High Pulse Poker is your chance to change your life. Every player has a chance to participate in WPT Main Event! Satellites to The Pro Contract are running every day. Buy-ins starting from €2.2.

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