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High Pulse Poker will not send players to WPT

High Pulse Poker held a great promotion for players. Every player had a chance to win a special WPT Package. WPT is one of the most attractive and well known live poker events. Every year WPT attracts players from all over the world to find out who is the best in poker. All poker players like to watch WPT on TV. WPT is almost as popular as WSOP. To take part in WPT is a dream of every poker player. That’s why High Pulse Poker decided to offer such a great promotion.

WPT Package at High Pulse Poker consisted of WPT Ticket and extra money for player. There were 20 WPT Freerolls and every player could have 20 chances to get WPT Package.

Many players took part in this promotion. Many people spent a lot of time to get the tickets. But High Pulse Poker faced with some difficulties.

High Pulse Poker will not send players to WPT Live Tournament. Every WPT Package winner will receive $2000 to his High Pulse Poker account. High Pulse Poker has to accept such unpleasant decision because Real Money Launch will be delayed. High Pulse Poker will not be able to open Real Money games before WPT Live Tournament starts. It is sad but it is the truth.

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