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High Pulse Poker Real Money Launch

High Pulse Poker is a new and interesting poker room. That’s why many players are waiting for Real Money Launch at High Pulse Poker.

High Pulse Poker had some difficulties and the launch of real money games had been delayed. But now the Real Money Launch is close! We think it will take place in October – December 2011.

High Pulse Poker decided to hold 5 freerolls on the threshold of the Real Money Launch (RML). The prize pool of each freeroll is $2000. (Total prize pool is $10 000) You can find these freerolls in the Main Lobby of High Pulse Poker. The names of these freerolls are:

  • $2000 RML Freeroll #1
  • $2000 RML Freeroll #2
  • $2000 RML Freeroll #3
  • $2000 RML Freeroll #4
  • $2000 RML Freeroll #5

If you want to participate in these freerolls you will have to win Satellites first. Satellites to each of RML Freeroll are held every day. Each RML Freeroll Satellite gives 6 entries to corresponding RML Freeroll (first 6 places are paid). For example if you win RML Freeroll Sat. #2 you will get ticket to RML Freeroll #2.

To participate in all RML Freerolls you need to win 1 entry to each freeroll. If you win the same Satellite twice you will not get another ticket. You will get nothing. For example if you win RML Freeroll Sat. #2 twice you will not get another ticket. That’s why it does not have sense to participate in a Satellite if you already have corresponding ticket.

You will be automatically registered in each RML Freeroll as soon as you win corresponding entry ticket. No password is needed. Do not click “Unregister” button in RML Freeroll lobby or you will be unregistered from the freeroll and you will have to contact to High Pulse support to be registered.

NOTE: Exact dates of RML Freerolls are unknown because there is no exact date of the Real Money Launch.


Q: “I have accidently clicked “Unregister” in RML Freeroll lobby. What can I do to be registered once more?”

A: Do not worry. Contact to HPP support team via e-mail support @highpulsegaming.com They will help you.

Q: “I see 225 people registered in RML Freeroll… Why? There must be 222 or 228 people if 6 people from each satellite get the entry. How can this fact be explained?”

A: As it was said earlier, you will get nothing if you win the same satellite twice.

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