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Guaranteed Tournaments in November 2011

High Pulse Poker gives a great chance to increase your bankroll participating in Overlay tournaments with guaranteed prize pools.

Guaranteed (GTD) Tournament is a tournament with guaranteed prize pool. Does not matter how many players take part in such tournament. High Pulse Poker adds money to the prize pool anyway. Guaranteed tournaments are usually very attractive because of increased prize pools. High Pulse Poker runs guaranteed tournaments every day. Here is a list of the most interesting tournaments at High Pulse Poker:

€1250 GTD Overlay BOOST - buy-in €5.5. It is a 9 seater 3000 Chip Stack tournament. You can participate in this tournament every day.

  • 36 places paid
  • 1st place prize - € 256
  • 2nd place prize - € 187
  • 3rd place prize - € 141

€2500 GTD Overlay BOOST - buy-in €11. It is a 6 max 4000 Chip Stack tournament.

€5000 GTD Overlay BOOST - buy-in €22. It is a 9 seater 5000 Chip Stack tournament.

  • 36 places paid
  • 1st place prize - € 1025
  • 2nd place prize - € 750
  • 3rd place prize - € 565

€5000 GTD is a daily tournament with a great prize pool. About 200 players take part in this tourney every day. The tourney usually lasts for about 4 hours.

€12 000 GTD Sunday Overlay - buy-in €33 It is a 9 seater 10 000 Chip Stack tournament.

  • 64 places paid
  • 1st place prize - € 2280
  • 2nd place prize - € 1680
  • 3rd place prize - € 1230

€12 000 GTD Sunday Overlay is the most attractive guaranteed tournament. It is a weakly tournament with awesome prize pool. This tournament is worth playing.

All these tournaments can be found in the main lobby of High Pulse Poker. Just change the filter settings from “Ring Games” to “Tourneys”. GTD tournaments are easy to find in the list. The title of each tournament has yellow-green color.

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