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First Affiliate Payments

As you know High Pulse Poker is famous because its Affiliate system. Every player has an opportunity to get money inviting friends to play at the poker room. Affiliate program is unlimited and can give good profits.

On the 20th of November High Pulse Poker made first affiliate payments to all players who had income from affiliates and from rakeback. All payments were done without troubles and players received their income in time. It was a very good news for players because it was the first affiliate payment. Some players expected to see errors or bugs. But everything was good. The money were transferred without troubles. This money can be cashed out easily. It is your money and you can do anything you want.

Some players who did not know about affiliate system and rakeback were surprised after they had received money for nothing. They could not understand where the money came from. We received some e-mails telling: “I had received some money for nothing. Is it a bug?” No, it is not a bug. You have received your rakeback and affiliate income. If you know nothing about High Pulse Poker Reward system you can find link in the top menu of our website.

If you want to see the exact amount of money you received from affiliates visit “Account and Settings” and then click “History” button. You will see your money transactions. Find “Affiliate Program Payment”. It will be money you received from your affiliates and rakeback.

Unfortunately it is not possible to see Rakeback and Affiliate payments separated from each other. The only way to control your rakeback is to look at the amount before the payment is done (before 12:00 CET every Sunday). It is not convenient but you will be able to see detailed statistics about all levels.

If you have account at High Pulse Poker you will get affiliate payments every Sunday. Everyone can make money using this unique affiliate system.

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