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Bugs and Errors after Real Money Launch

Real Money Launch was a very important step for High Pulse Poker. The room started real money games. But there were several bugs found in software of the poker room.

“In play” money error - Fixed

It was the most widespread error. Sometimes when player leaved the table he could see his money displayed in “In Play” section though the corresponding amount had already been added to his Available money. This bug was a display bug – visible error and High Pulse Poker assured that it was not the money you were missing. High Pulse Poker received a lot of e-mails from players who thought they have suffered from this error. This bug was fixed in latest update.

Problems with cash outs - Fixed

High Pulse Poker had some problems with cash outs after RML. Almost all problems were fixed and every player can make cash out without troubles. Note: Webmoney still does not work. If you want to make cash out use Visa, MasterCard or Moneybookers. These payment systems work well. Many players made their first cash outs using these payment systems.

Step Points error - Fixed

If you have an affiliate network at High Pulse you could see that your network had brought you a lot of step points during first 3 days of real money games at High Pulse Poker. But it was not the truth. All Step Points from your network were exceeded. It was also a visible error. For example when you looked at the amount of your step points you could see 160 points though the real amount was 10. This error was also fixed and now you can see your real income from your affiliates. Your real step points from all levels are also shown correctly.

If you have found an error you can report about it to High Pulse Poker support via e-mail. High Pulse Poker team works hard to fix all bugs. We can see new updates every day. High Pulse Poker support is very busy and if you send a message to HPP it will be in queue until support staff will reply. It will take from 6 up to 12 hours. High Pulse Poker asks all players to have patience. High Pulse team makes all its best to fix all errors as soon as possible.

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