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Bounty Girls

Hello friends! We want to tell you some information about “Bounty Girls” at High Pulse Poker. Who are these girls? What are they doing at High Pulse Poker? How to find them? Read the article and you will understand.

High Pulse Poker announced new promotion “The Pro Contract” It is an awesome tourney that gives an opportunity to win a real Pro contract: 3 winners will take part in WPT Main Event and will get a lot of extra benefits from the room. If you need more information about this promotion read our The Pro Contract article.

The Pro Contract promotion brought some changes to High Pulse Poker. The most important is “Bounty Girls”. The game of Poker is always associated with risk, money and girls. “Bounty Girls” is a special team of girls hired by HPP. But these girls were hired not to make your game more pleasant. They play real poker at HPP and their poker skills are rather good. They really can play and they are your competitors.

We think that it is a very good idea to create a team of girls who play poker. WPT also has similar team, but “Royal Flush Girls” do not play poker professionally. “Bounty Girls” play at High Pulse Poker every day and everyone can ask questions and communicate with the girls. But we recommend you to knock them out! It is not a joke! Everyone has a chance to get a reward for knocking out these girls from tournaments or SnGs. Do not have mercy!

How to get a reward for Bounty Girls’ heads? Knock out one of the Bounty Girls and claim your reward. If you knock out Bounty Girl in Evening BOOST or in Sunday BOOST you will get €100 Bounty. If you knock out Bounty Girl in Sit and Go you will receive your buy-in amount instantly. It is great!

There are 3 bounty girls in the team now. We do not know their real names; we do not have their photos or Facebook profiles. Nobody knows them. We only know their Nick Names in the room and that is enough for now. Their Nick Names are: MariyaS, Natalina and SarahSand. If you see one of these girls playing at your table – try to get your reward. Add their names to your buddy list and you will be able to find them at the tables without troubles. But remember that these girls can play poker and it will not be easy to knock them out.

By the way, we will see these Bounty Girls in WPT Main Event. They will join 3 Pro Contract winners. We do not know will the girls be participating in WPT but it seems High Pulse Poker PRO team at WPT will be serious. Everyone has a chance to become a player of the High Pulse Poker PRO team, meet Bounty Girls and participate in WPT Vienna Main Event. Make your dream come true. Register at High Pulse Poker now!

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