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Beta Winnings Converting Process

High Pulse Poker is a real poker room now! Real Money Launch was on the 15th of November and every player can convert beta winnings to real money now. But many players have questions about converting process. That’s why this post is written.

How to convert beta winnings at High Pulse Poker?

It is simple. Visit “Account and Settings” > “Account”, find “Convert beta winnings” button under your beta winnings and click the button. That is all. Converting process takes 1 second. All beta money will be moved to “Available” and Convert button will disappear. You will never see the button again.

Note: you have only 1 month to convert beta winnings. After the month is over all “beta” money will be confiscated. We advice you to convert your winnings as soon as possible. If you have friends who play poker at High Pulse tell them about this.

What will happen after the winnings are converted?

You will have real money and will be able to play real money games. You can make deposits and cash outs. You can cash out your winnings if you want.

High Pulse Poker runs many freerolls and you will be able to play in the freerolls. All freerolls offer only real money prizes now. “Beta” period is over and you will never see beta money again. All tournaments and promotions will give you only real money.

Many players ask: “Will I still be able to participate in holdem and Omaha freerolls after deposit?’ The answer is yes. You will be able to participate in freerolls after the deposit is made. All players at High Pulse Poker can participate in regular freerolls.

If you were registered with our code RAKE you will be able to take part in HighPulseRakeback private promotions. Your account must be activated. We do not accept players with multi accounts. We are going to add rake race and more freerolls to our promotions list.

We want to congratulate all players! Hope real money games will bring us a lot of money and fun!

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