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HighPulseRakeback.com will help you to get maximum value from playing poker at HPP. Get up to 50% rakeback at High Pulse Poker. Participate in our private freerolls and other private promotions.


High Pulse Rakeback Membership

To become a member and get rakeback you must create a new account at High Pulse Poker using this Registration Guide. Registration takes about 2 minutes and you will be able to start playing poker after the registration immediately. You will not have to wait for approval. Create new account, make a deposit and play. You will receive rakeback in time.

How membership can help you? We offer a lot of private promotions. These promotions are available only for HighPulseRakeback members.

Rake Race

We are going to add special rake race for our members. Note: the race will be only for those players who have an account created with our referral code “RAKE”. We do not accept players with multi accounts. If you want to take part in our rake race you must have one active account created according to our registration guide.

How to get Rakeback?

Are you new at High Pulse Poker? Do you want to receive a half of your rake back? Not sure how to start? Visit our detailed and fully illustrated Registration Guide. It will help you to download and create a new rakeback account at High Pulse Poker.

How to get High Pulse Poker rakeback?

Latest News

If you want to know what is new at our website visit special News section. You will know all latest information about promotions and changes in the poker room. You can also discuss all latest news at our forum.

ClubWPT Free Trial

Nowadays it is difficult to play poker in USA because of legislation. Real money poker is not allowed and players have to search for other opportunities to play their favorite game. One of such opportunities is ClubWPT. It is a subscription based poker rooms where you have to pay for membership. The room is rather comfortable and offers many tournaments.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Club? Well, you will have access to more than $100 000 in prizes. You will be able to participate in a large number of tournaments where it is possible to win a lot of poker goods such as Pro glasses or Chip sets. It is always pleasant to get such great and expensive prizes. Money can also be won.

Yes, the club is very good but you will have to buy membership first to get the access to all described prizes. In most poker rooms you have to make deposit an play using your own funds. In ClubWPT you need to pay only fixed monthly fee. WPT Club offers a free trial period. It is a good option for those who want to try the software and games. Trial allows to participate in all tournaments for free. So if you are interested in trying the offered services before buying full subscription trial is for you.

The period lasts for 2 weeks. During this time you will have full access to all features, offered by the poker room. So if you do not know to buy or not to buy – take a trial and you will understand everything.

ClubWPT is the most well known place where a lot of people from USA play online poker. Actually it is the best place for US citizens. Several weeks ago the club added Australian players to its base. So it becomes bigger and bigger. Join it now and have a lot of fun playing your favorite game.

What is going with HPP?

As you know HPP suffered from low real money players’ traffic. It can be seen into the main lobby of the room. Only several tables were opened with a lot of players in the queue. It was almost impossible to play poker there. HPP management decided to close the room. An e-mail was the confirmation of the decision. Here is what HPP e-mail said:


Dear Player,

Unfortunately this email brings the news that High Pulse Poker has disabled real money games. We want to sincerely thank you for choosing to play at High Pulse Poker. We hope in turn that we have provided you with a pleasurable gaming environment.

If you have a balance in your account, please login to the client and cash it out by 1.10.12. If you have questions about your specific situation please contact our support staff who will be able to help.

Please stay tuned for a relaunch in the future.

High Pulse Staff


How to get money?

The letter says “cash it out by 1.10.12.” Everything is clear.

What is next?

The website of the room does not work now. There is no information about the future of the room. Will there be a relaunch? Maybe. It is possible but we think that HPP will try to sell the software. HPP brand has different reputation. A relaunch will require a lot of money and does not guarantee anything. It will be the best decision to sell the soft. Software is great and very comfortable.

Unfortunately HPP is not working any more. It was a very interesting room with several great features. But poker is business and not all companies can reach success there. HPG had a good idea but something gone wrong.

Our website - Highpulserakeback.com – also stops working.

High Pulse Rakeback Details

Play poker as usually and return a half of your rake! Get up to 50% Rakeback at High Pulse Poker.

How it works? When you play poker at HighPulse you earn special Step Points. Every 1 euro of your Total Rake is equal to 1 Step Point. Your rakeback percent depends on the total amount of your Step Points. The more you play the more you get. Here is a table showing how your Rakeback depends on your Rake:

Step Points Rakeback
0 - 4 10 %
5 - 24 20 %
25 - 99 30 % Normal
100 - 499 40 % Best
500 or more 50 %

This table shows your rakeback return if you only play poker. But High Pulse Rakeback gives really awesome opportunities for those players who invite their friends to play poker at High Pulse Poker. Your friends can help you to earn Step Points! Just invite your friends and they will make your way to Premium Rakeback much easier.

But it is only a half of all benefits you can get inviting your friends to play. You can get up to 25% of your friend's rake!

Our "Refer A Friend Program" is unique! We do not ask you to sign your friends to High Pulse Rakeback. No, your players are yours! Give them your personal Referral Code and they will be yours for life. How to participate in our Referral Program? Register at High Pulse Poker using our Registration Guide and you will Join our Referral Program automatically.

Rakeback Payments

Rakeback is paid every Sunday at 12:00 (CET) to your High Pulse Poker account. You will have an instant access to your money after the payment is done.


You want to promote HighPulsePoker? Contact us via e-mail and we will discuss possible options. HighPulseRakeback.com is ready to cooperate with all motivated and serious affiliates.

E-mail for contacts: support@highpulserakeback.com

High Pulse Poker

HighPulsePoker is a great poker room that will bring a lot of changes to the world of online poker. The room does not belong to any network. It is an independent project and that means we will see many new features in future. HighPulseRakeback.com will help you to get maximum value from playing poker at HPP.

You can join to a huge number of players who have chosen this awesome room. Create a new account and start playing poker at High Pulse Poker now!


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Play poker at High Pulse and receive up to 50% rakeback!

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